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Our kits will always be offered for free to you as downloads you can utilize to build your own Healing Library kits and to supplement your existing kits.

Here's what we offer for free:


If these are helpful to you we hope you'll consider donating to the project so we can work on our next kit. Thank you! 

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We recognize that every lending organization's needs differ based on the varying natures of the communities we serve. To ensure your needs are met, each kit was designed for you to pick and choose the pieces that will work best for your needs



Our feedback from many interested libraries was that while they loved the idea of lending a kit, they didn't have the time to assemble their own. To help, we're preparing to offer our kits for sale in a variety of sizes. 

You can click on SHOP to see what kits are currently available.

If you're preparing to write a grant to obtain your kit, check out our section with helpful grant language.

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Interested in having a talk, workshop, or consulting session on The Healing Library for your conference, consortium, webinar series or beyond? Send an email to for information on rates and availability.



If you're an author or illustrator who would like to work with us to create a kit specific to your work please contact us at We'll share information on pricing, timelines, and how we might work together to enhance your work and engage your book's unique audience!

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The Healing Library was a project that started in the Fall of 2016 as a conversation between Kirsten Cappy of Curious City, a company which creates promotional experiences and materials for children's books, and Megan Emery, then a student at Syracuse University earning her MLIS. 

A need was determined to assist families after periods of trauma that encompassed many forms of healing, and the idea for our kits was born. We recognize that families are unique and deserve the opportunity to build their own journey of healing with the highest quality experiences and materials without the stress of research and shopping following their trauma. 

A team was formed consisting of Megan: Author and former Experience Designer & Coordinator at the Chattanooga Public Library, Kirsten: Owner of Curious City, Bonnie Thomas: Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a passion for Art + Play Based Therapy, and David Moorhead: Children's Librarian at the Lewiston Public Library (ME), who collaborated to create the original three kits to assist families on their healing journey. 

The three kits were offered as free downloads in October of 2017 and our materials have been downloaded over 10,500 times to date. 

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Diverse Worldviews. Expertise. Passion.

Meet the team! Over the years The Healing Library has been fortunate to involve some truly talented thought leaders in our projects. 

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