This is the medium sized Death of a Pet kit. It's intended to be stored either with your regular collection or away from the regular collection as it's size make it easy to hang, shelve, or stow in a cabinet or on a shelf.


This kit includes:

  • An L.L. Bean totebag embroidered with The Healing Library's logo that houses all materials below.
  • A luggage tag with the Death of a Pet kit name and Healing Library logo - the perfect spot to add your library's barcode or other circulation info.
  • A Librarian Guide printed in color for the lending organization in a labeled folder.
  • Your choice of 3 books.
  • A 1" lending binder with all family materials printed in color from the Death of a Pet kit housed individually in 15 sleeve protectors: 
    • A How To Use This Kit letter for parents with suggestions about what’s inside and how to get started utilizing the kit.

    • A Discussion Guide for how to begin understanding what children may be experiencing after the loss of a pet and how to begin talking to a child about such loss.

    • An Activities Guide that contains instructions for healing activities based in art + play therapy which families can engage in to assist with processing the loss of their pet.

    • Discussion Guides for all books in a curated book selection related to this topic.

    • An Acts of Kindness Guide featuring proactive activities designed to empower a family after loss.

    • A Community Helpers Guide with suggestions of community helpers families can reach out to and opportunities for local customization to highlight what's available in your own community.

  • 2 small sized Healing Activities:
    • Charm Art 
      • 10 different colored skeins of embroidery floss 
      • 10 swivel clasp lanyard snap hooks in their own hard plastic case
      • Instructional Friendship Bracelet Pocket Guide 
      • 70 assorted glow-in-the-dark beads housed in their own hard plastic case
      • A labeled plastic Iris case to house materials
    • Get Planting
      • 4 packs of marigold seeds
      • 4 sets of planting instructions
      • A labeled plastic Iris case to house materials
  • Your choice of 1 of the following large Healing Activities:
    • Thinking About Heaven
      • 1 pack of 8 washable markers
      • 1 pack of 12 colored pencils
      • 1 pack of 24 crayons
      • 6 different colored journals (4.25 x 5.5 inches)
      • A labeled Iris case to house all materials 
    • Have a Memorial Service for Your Pet
      • 1 Walnut Hollow wood burner Pen
      • 10 unfinished wood slices (2.4 - 2.8 inches)
      • 6 stationary cards with envelopes
      • 6 gel pens in different colors and 6 random replacement inserts
      • A labeled Iris case to house all materials
    • Make a Memory Book
      • 6 different colored journals (4.25 x 5.5 inches)
      • 1 full sized stapler
      • 1 box of 1000 staples
      • 3 sheets of stickers
      • Melissa & Doug rainbow stamp pad
      • 1 set of uppercase alphabet stamps in their own hard plastic case
      • 6 sheets of scrapbooking paper (8.5 x 5.5 inches)
      • 2 glue sticks
      • 3 different one yard ribbon lengths
      • 300 two inch sheets of tissue paper in 3 colors
      • 1 pack of 8 washable markers
      • 1 pack of 12 colored pencils
      • 3 pairs of decorative edge scissors
      • A labeled Iris case to house all materials


About the Bag:

This is the classic, handcrafted Boat & Tote Zip-Top bag from L.L. Bean embroidered with The Healing Library logo. All bags are made one at a time in Maine, USA. 


Bags are constructed of Heavy-duty 24 oz. cotton canvas and feature a double-layer base and a reinforced flat canvas bottom. Overlapped seams are double-stitched with nylon so they won't rot or break. Handles are tested to hold up to 500 pounds.

Death of a Pet - Tote Bag Kit

Book #1
Book #2
Book #3
Large Activity #1
  • Kit Dimensions: 12"H x 13"W x 6"D

    Colors and patterns of journals, papers, scissors, pens, and pen refills in photos are examples and may differ from what is shipped to you.


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